The Strenght of Commitment



“Your strength is how calmly, quietly and peacefully you face life”


I wish I could be in front of you today and look directly into your eyes. I would like to merge with your look and tell you that I don’t want you to suffer any longer. Stop being a victim, stop complaining. I want you to give up that drama where you are caught. Today I want to forget about me and have the authority to tell you this- You, yes, you, start taking yourself seriously, start today. Make a commitment and stop fearing the happiness that will come to your life, stop fearing the inner peace that you can not imagine today.

That way, looking into your eyes, I am sending you that message to reach your heart. Dare to be yourself, your most pure and beautiful essence. Have you ever thought about how would it be if you just be you?  You aren’t your thoughts, you aren’t your feelings, you aren’t your pain, you aren’t your tragedy. You need to go back home, back to the original, back to the source. Just go within and find the stillness, the quietness and the vastness that you are. Your heart is much more than a muscle that beats for you to be alive. You need to have a real experience of your heart as the center where the divine connects with the terrenal. That  way you’ll get an idea about what actually means being  authentically you in this big adventure which is life.

“The ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful – Great and Full- That you are alive, and you enjoy it”-

It is very important that  you understand what you really are. You are nothing but energy. Everything is energy, your body, your thoughts, your emotions… it is all made of energy in different condensation levels. From the most dens level of material things to the subtlest level of divinity, the same way that water can be solid, liquid or gas. The good news are that you own that energy, just need to know how to control it, being above the energy, otherwise it will control you

We are all living challenging times. We can see big crisis’s all around the world reflected in all faces of live, economical, social, political…. This is also a result of the enormous energy movement that has been taking place for the last years and which is especially intense right now. I am not going to tell you about any scary theories, you can do your own research in google. But let me advise you that you may get shocked with the overdose of different information that you will find. 

Instead, I would like to invite you to have the experience of that energy within you. Face it, don’t ignore it. Love it,  don’t reject it. And just focus on the beautiful. Get help, talk about it, write about it, cry if you need to, but above all: Act!  Make a commitment. Don’t allow life to live you without taking part of it, without enjoying it authentically, without being grateful. My aim is to inspire you, to motivate you, to elevate you. But you need to commit.

Come on, listen to your soul and you will find the why’s and how’s.

With Love,


Please feel free to contact me and share whatever it is bothering you at this moment, I will be glad to help.

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