Make Your Own Path in Your Own Life

“You can find your true identity within yourself. Nobody can find it for you. You must get up in the morning and find your true identity. You need time to be all by yourself, where there is nobody else. It will bring prosperity. Your radiant body will become brighter. There is no make-up that works to make you brighter, or for your character. You can try anything you want, but for character, you have to work with yourself. You must make your own path in your own life for your own prosperity and richness, and you have to be beautiful, bountiful and blissful. This the way God made you.” Yogi Bhajan.

Everybody wants something new and exciting, we all want to keep re-inventing things and making them fresh and appealing. In our attempts to make them new we often lose track of why we are doing them in the first place! The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to increase awareness and raise consciousness. Everything else is just window dressing. If you can gain intuition, understand who you are and the world you live in, everything falls into place. The reason for everything becomes known, the balance of life is understood and contentment arrives at your door.
In this times of  change and confusion, let us come together to re-affirm who we are and  understand who we want to be. We’ll learn how to use the technology in a pure, neutral and safe way.

I have prepared 4 beautiful modules to spend the following Saturday evenings together:

29th of April / 13th & 27th of May and the 10th of June from 4:00  till 7:00 p.m

Back to Basics

The ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga is a science and technology that will transform your life from the inside out. With thousands of kriyas, asanas, meditations and pranayams, mastering the basic concepts and techniques will give you the greatest benefit from your practice. Whether you are brand new to Kundalini Yoga, or you have been practicing for years, this worksgop series have everything you need to take the deep dive into a practice that will bring you to a new state of consciousness and awareness.



Take a deep breath. Dive in. Be transformed.

“Within us lives the most calm, serene lake of wisdom, 
the most beautiful, powerful pond of kindness, 
compassion and clarity.
Let us understand and 
let us dive into it within ourselves.” 

–Yogi Bhajan


Through The Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga, you Will…

  • Deepen your understanding of the core teachings of Kundalini Yoga

  • Establish or expand upon your practice

  • Improve your alignment in fundamental postures

  • Feel a renewed sense of energy and awareness

  • Strengthen your intuition and connection to your inner teacher


    Let’s have a look at the content of the first workshop….

    MODUL 1 (29 Apr 2017)


    • Basic Concepts In Kundalini Yoga 
    • Why I Love Kundalini Yoga 
    • The Essence Of Kundalini Yoga 
    • The Technology Of Kundalini Yoga  
    • The conciousness and character in the Aquarian Age (Five Sutras for the Aquarian Age).
    • The Sensory Human 

    Pranayam and Meditations

    • Introduction to Pranayam 
    • Alternate Nostril Breathing
    • Indra Nittri Meditation 
    • Meditation to Connect with the Self-Sensory System 



    • Kriya for Becoming Intuitive
    • The Essence of Self
    • Conquering One’s Imagined Disabilities 



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