What are Essential Oils and How do we use them?


What are essential oils?

Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. Essential oils are the natural, aromatic liquids found within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. They are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts are known as the “life blood” of the plant because they provide nutrients and carry oxygen throughout the plant system. Essential oils are highly concentrated and far more potent than dry herbs because of the distillation process that makes them so concentrated. Essential oils promote overall health & wellness—emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Any time you hold a bottle of our powerful essential oils, you are holding the pure essence of health-promoting botanicals that can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, incorporated into massage, or taken internally to:

  • Support Your Immune System
  • Inspire A Positive Emotional State
  • Enhance Your Physical Wellness
  • Purify Your Home
  • Refine Your Beauty Routine
  • Enhance Spiritual Awareness

How can I Use Essential Oils?

There are three main ways to use essential oils: topical application, diffusion and dietary. Yes, ingestion is a controversial use, but after my own experience and research, I have made my own conclussions using common sense.  I would also recommend you to have a look at the safety use guide for essential oils and check this helpful article about some questions to ask any essential oil supplier before you buy their products.



An effective way to use essential oils is to apply them topically. This method works best when you have a specific area of the body that needs relief. After you’ve diluted your essential oil with a carrier oil, apply it to the desired area and the oil will be absorbed into the body. Do not apply essential oils to sensitive parts of the body.

Some places we like to put our oils topically are behind our neck, ears, face, chest, wrists, spine, belly, and for the most part on our feet. Your feet have some of the largest pores in your whole body so applying the oils will allow them to travel to your entire body quickly.



When applying essential oils topically, we recommend that you always use a carrier oil to protect your skin. Because the essential oils I work with are authentic and pure, their high levels of concentration can irritate the skin when applied without a carrier oil. Olive, jojoba, avocado, sweet almond, grapeseed and fractionated coconut oil are a few great options. Remember, carrier oils do not limit the effectiveness of the essential oil in any way; they just safely transfer the oil to your skin.


                             Percentage                        Drops of EO per ½ tsp carrier oil

2%                                       1-3 drops

5%                                       3-7 drops

10%                                    8-15 drops

 Please consult this chart when applying essential oils topically to adults. For a dilution chart for children, please click here.


Use essential oils aromatically to uplift the spirit.

You can be directly inhale from the bottle or rub 2-3 drops of oil between your palms and inhale deeply.

Add a few drops on a cotton ball and place where you would like.

Add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water. Cover your head and bowl with a towel, and breathe deeply and slowly.

Essential oils can also be diffused (which I LOVE to do) with your choice of a diffuser, that way everyone in the room benefits from the effects of the essential oils.


One of the most effective ways to use essential oils is with diffusion. If your essential oil is right for diffusing, you’ll notice that on the label (with an icon or in the directions for use). We do not recommend diffusing oils that do not specify this application. 

Using a diffuser is easy: Fill the diffuser with water to the recommended line, put 5-10 drops (more or less as needed) into the diffuser and then turn it on. The ultrasonic technology produces vibrations at a high frequency, turning the water into mist. As you breathe in the aromatic mist, the oil’s beneficial properties are immediately absorbed into your body.




These vitality oils are the SAME quality oils with different labels for dietary use! You can check the bottle to see if a specific oil can be used internally. NEVER use a lesser-quality brand of oil internally.

You can place several drops of authentic, pure and natural essential oil(s) into a vegetarian gel capsule and swallow with water.

Add a few drops in a spoonful of honey, water, tea, juice, yogurt, etc. Use stainless steel or glass when drinking. 

The essential oils can also be used in place of herbs and spices in your everyday cooking.

Please, read carefully our Safety Guidelines

This is my obligatory disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and they have not been evaluated by the FDA. My blog may contain some affiliate links to help support the continued education from this blog. Read the full disclosure/disclaimer here



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