Kirtan Kriya Meditation for Emocional Balance

Kirtan Kriya for Emotional Balance 

Kirtan Kriya is often referred to as the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation and is one of the most important meditations in Kundalini Yoga.

It is said that if all other meditation technologies were lost, this one mediation would be enough to clear our psyche and balance our body, mind and soul.

Well, that is a tall order to live up to, let’s find out the details on this very special meditation…

The Meditation Benefits of Kirtan Kriya 

Yogi Bhajan said that if you could only do one meditation a day, this would be it. And these are all the reasons why:

    • Helps to break negative habits and addictions


    • Creates emotional balance, even when all you feel you can do is cry it out


    • Eliminates the feeling of brain fog


    • Will stimulate and balance the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain, our primary hormone producing centers in our body. When our glandular systems are not balanced, we feel all sorts of signs of stress.


    • It is especially helpful for balancing a woman’s cycle


    • Just experience a break-up and find you cannot release your feelings and memories of your lover? Kirtan Kriya is particularly helpful in releasing the pain stored in our aura, the place we hold love relationship wounds.


    • There is even an ongoing research program on the effects of Kirtan Kriya on brain patterns and memory being conducted at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Whole Brain Effect of Kirtan Kriya 

The reason that this meditation is so powerful is that it simulates many parts of our brain at one time, thereby creating a whole brain healing effect.

There are four components to practicing Kirtan Kriya correctly:


Saa: which means Infinity
Taa: which means Life
Naa: which means Death
Maa: which means Rebirth

The use of 4 primal sounds of Sa Ta Na and Ma, are chanted together to form the cycle of creation. 

From the Infinite, Cosmic Source, all Life and Individual Existence is manifest. 

And from all life, we experience death, change and transformation of what was into a rebirth of something new. 

As we experience the birth of something new, we come to know the joy of the Infinite creative Power once again and the cycle repeats itself.

      1. Mudra:

Kirtan Kriya is an active meditation using mudra, the use of different hand and finger positions designed to stimulate different parts of the brain. As we chant Sa, Ta, Na, Ma we change mudras with each sound according to the description below:

Saa: place your index and thumb together as in the first photo
Taa: place your middle finger and thumb together as in the second photo
Naa: place your ring finger and thumb together as in the third photo
Maa: place your pinkie finger and thumb together as in the fourth photo.

      1. Voice:

The Kirtan Kriya Sa Ta Na Ma mantra will be chanted in three different tones of voice that connect you to different levels of consciousness as follows:

        • Aloud: which represents the human voice, the awareness of things of the world.
        • Whisper: which represents the voice of the lover, creating an experience of “longing to belong”.
        • Silent: which represents the voice of the divine, connecting to the vibration of infinity.
      1. Visualization:

As you meditate with closed eyes, roll your eyes up to focus on your third eye chakra, right between your eyebrows. Visualize a constant inflow of cosmic energy coming into your body through your crown chakra and moving down and out through the third eye chakra. The energy will make an “L” shape and stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands in your brain.

So How Exactly Do I do Kirtan Kriya? 

Begin by sitting up straight and tall in a comfortable meditative position and begin chanting according to the tune on the right.

As you chant, be sure to pay attention to your finger mudras as well as your visualization as described above. In terms of the voice, follow the following recommended time frames:

      • Chant aloud for 5 minutes
      • Whisper for 5 minutes
      • Go into a place of deep silence for 10 minutes (mentally continue chanting the mantra)
      • Whisper for 5 minutes
      • Chant aloud for 5 minutes

To End, inhale and exhale deeply and sit in the stillness (no mantra) for 1 minute. Then stretch your hands up high above your head, spreading the fingers wide apart, take several deep breaths and relax.

Notice how relaxed and at peace you feel.

For the musically inclined:

There are a number of beautifully recorded versions of this mantra that you may prefer to listen to rather than simply chanting to the sound of your own voice.

I myself find that listening to Kundalini Yoga Music is very helpful and inspiring while I meditate. What I would recommend is going to the Spirit Voyage website where you can do a search for Sa Ta Na Ma songs and you can hear different versions by different artists and see which ones you like best.

Enjoy and Happy Kirtan Kriya-ing!


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