One2One Yoga classes in Aberdeen & Shire



One2One Yoga Classes: much more than a  workout guidance by a Personal Trainer.

Yoga is a Tool for Transformation, 

My Private Yoga Tuition is an integrative approach with yogic principles at its core, designed to help prevent, aid recovery and transform the mind, body and spirit towards enhanced wellbeing and wholeness.

  • Do you feel the need for some fresh air, a fresh mind and a fresh destiny?

  • Would you like to give your work out experience a deeper sense and develop authentic Self-knowledge?

  • You are not acostumed to movement and feel intimidated by the idea of atending  a public yoga class?

  • Are you seeking out an effective way to deal with emotional blocks?

  • Are you willing to start doing something effective that help you come out from where you are now?

My Private Yoga Tuition is an integrative approach with yogic principles at its core, designed to help prevent, aid recovery and transform the mind, body and spirit towards enhanced wellbeing and wholeness.

A Self-directed Program to Get to Know Yourself.

Dipping into the experience of one-on-one yoga classes can be an exciting challenge. Such settings have a different intensity from group sessions, and they offer a chance to really get to know yourself. Yoga teaches us that the only way to transforma your life is through the Self. I will provide you just the vehicle for understanding your True Self and expressing your True Essence. This is the very basis of healing principles worldwide.

The advantage of a personal tuition is that it becomes a self-directed program. You decide what needs to be transformed in your life and  then I assist you with finding postures, kriya sets, meditations and essential oils  to support your work.

In essence, you become your own master.

That means YOU get to do the work; YOU get to design the program; YOU get to reap the rewards of unlocking your hidden vitality and potential.

I am always there as a background fixture to bounce things off , or to coach you in moving forward and encouraging your wins, but you are in the driver’s seat and you get out of it what you put into it.

Why me?

You must just have heard the call and something broutgh you to my website at this present moment. I do not believe in mirarles, I rely on them. Just listen to your winner voice and feel what you feel. Still want to find out a bit more about myself? 

After more than 5 years teaching Kundalini Yoga One-on-One in Barcelona, life has brought me recently to Scotland with a new challenge. My life purpose  is very simple, to serve others as a divine vessel towards the expansion of their conciousness. And  life very often takes us out of our comfort zone when we are willing to achieve the excellence to live our highest potential and become the best version of ourselves.

This is exactly what my relocation to the UK means to me. I do not have a renewed name yet, I don’t know anybody in town, and  I have no mentor. But I do have the most important thing above all,  a deep sense of purpose. My self awareness gives me complete self confidence on my knowledge and gifts. And my mission is consciously and purposefully serve all Beings toward their personal and unique goals of health and wellness in all dimensions of life. 

I have allways had an enormous respect for teaching yoga and using aromatherapy, I have done a very intense personal work, had an extense professional practice and devolved a deep investigation before I started teaching on private tuition. That time was an incredible opportunity for self-knowledge and maturity, a period ofintegration, growing and learning. Something essential to become an effective guidance for others.

I have a very personal way to teach. As a psychologist, I am very rigorous in my work and use the yoga technology and aromatherapy with the accurate scientific knowledge. But as a human being, specially as a woman, I have developed an strong intuition and sensitivity to the energies with my extense work over the pass of the years. 

Teaching is the best way for me to learn and achieve personal growing. It is amazing the nourishing and special that one 2 one sessions can be for both sides. It’s not about your age, sex, faith, status, experience, knowledge, flexibility or health condition. It’s about your aim to be happy, to feel good and to reach your own excellence. I know this is not always easy, some of us need to work more on it than others, and getting the appropiate help could be a fantastic way to accelerate your own process.

What would a private session look like?

For me, I like to begin with a more formal question and answer period. We’d get to pinpoint your stresses and which areas you need to focus on most. In general, I will assess three major áreas of your life in terms of the types of stress you carry:

  • Physical Stress
  • Chemical Stress
  • Emotional Stress

From here, we will prioritize what you feel comfortable working on first, set some goals and create a program that you will work on at home. 

Corresponding to the areas of stress in your life, I will give you assistance on 

  • Physical postures, stretches, and ergonomics 
  • Food, nutrition and detoxification
  • Releasing old wounds and emotions, forgiving and empowering your self.

You will go off and work on what we set up, with scheduled check-in times with me. We will do some coaching and problem solving together and once again set some new goals and decide on how to move forward each time.

Rinse and Repeat, as much or as little as you deem necessary.

Get in touch and tell me about your specific situation. I will get back to you to arrange a 30 minutes free session.

Blessings and Love,




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