Yoga and Essential Oils Workshop: Raise Your Energy and Release the Emotions


Unlocking Your Personal Power for Transformation

Come along for a Healing Yoga experience and learn how to use Essential Oils to Release the Emotions.

Start a transformative journey through the Self and experience the effects of essential oils to boost the process.

The use of essential oils on a meditative state of deep connectivity, which you’ll achieve through the yoga practice, will help you to safefully drive the energy for emotional relief and total balance. 

Aromatherapy it’s a magical and fascinating world, every little bottle of essential oil has its own vibration, which depends on many factors. In my personal and professional practice I’ve found that the way and the intention you put on the use of these magical drops really makes a difference, specially on the psychological and spiritual aproach. 
I have organised this workshop to provide an small group of people a transformative experience with kundalini yoga and essential oils. We’ll create an intimate and safe space for healing and self care and also will use other creative tools to enhance the journey. 
I will introduce you the Feelings Kit by Young Living, containing the following essential oil blends: 
I found these oils are the perfect set to provide you a powerful psycoaromatherapy experience, you’ll be very lucky to try them all .  This might just be the start of a very own transformative journey, but you may also receive the specific healing you need at this present moment with only this one session. 

“Give yourself a chance and your Self will give you all the chances”

I just work with small groups of people and take very seriously what I do. I just don’t want to waste my energy and avoid anybody else to waste their time. I completely trust the Universe and specially relay on this Full Moon energy to succesfully develop this workshop.

At the moment we are a group of 4 people. Yesterday I read that when we meditate in groups of  7, the effect that the group energy generates equals the energy of 100 people. Financially I coud have set a much more ambicious goal, but this is not my main objective. So from today till Sunday, let’s see what the Universe brings me.

If you are one of those hearing the call, book your place now directly on this link and get a 25% Off Today. It will be available just until tomorrow at 21:42, the exact 48 hours time after the Full Moon.

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Yours in wellness,
*The venue may change depending on the final number of attendees, but it will be on the same Balmedie area.


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