Full Moon in Scorpio: Truth and Transformation

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Full Moon’s usually symbolise a time of releasing and letting go, however the potency of this Scorpio Moon also makes it a great time to stablish a discipline of self-care  This Moon is about Transformation, and everyone is going to feel this at some level. 

Scorpio represents the hidden, what we do not show easily, repressed emotions, difficult memories and even our deepest fears. In the tarot, it is no coincidence that this sign is linked to the unnamed arcane, who helps us to transmute our energies, thus generating profound changes in our lives. On the other hand, the moon is the energy of our mother and our own maternal vibration. In turn it works on deep and hidden emotions. As you can see, these two energies come together to give us an unstoppable pair. The full moon and Scorpio sign will make us swim into the deep and discover what emotions and aspects we hide in the depths of our sentimental ocean.

How this Full Moon in Scorpio might be affecting you? 

The union between Scorpio and the full moon makes all our feelings become intense. The problem that you should avoid is to keep these emotions or try to avoid feeling what they generate. It is a moment that you have to take advantage of to look in without excuses. There is a powerful explosion of energy and creative impulse above us just now.
It is important to keep in mind that as your emotions are in full bloom, you must be careful with your reactions. On this day, consider that any appearance of jealousy, obsessions or envy should be appeased. This is your opportunity to be aware of your emotions (both positive and negative emotions) in order to recognize how you are, how you feel about yourself and others. My advice to all the signs on this date is that they can stand aside and take advantage of this moment to realize that emotional introspection that they needed so much.


Harness the Energy and Make it Work for You

What better time than this to cleanse and purify our energies! As much as you believe that this appearance of so many emotions can be negative, you will have to take this crisis as an opportunity. There is no better way to take advantage of this moment, than purifying everything we have been keeping. This is my personal advice to thrive during this Full Moon period:

  1. Stay Calm: Do not get into arguments, discussions, quarrel – just don’t get angry. Full Moon is a time to be quiet, to find your peace, to let go of some things and . Take a deep breath and forgive others who did you wrong.
  2. Think PositiveWe should always think positively, but especially during a Full moon. Just do not overdo it, because during this period everything is amplified, and your positive thoughts can multiply to the point that you lose a realistic view of everything around you. Express your gratittude for all what you have, give yourself a compliment when looking at the mirror or go for a walk and aprettiate all the beauty around you.
  3. Let your imagination go wildBelieve in yourself and trust your ability to follow your dreams. The May full moon is the perfect time . Think about your goals and put them all on paper. Also, you can use the strong flow of positive energy to create your wish list.
  4. MeditateYou can meditate alone or in a group. Since the full moon pours so much energy into us, meditation will be of great help to stay calm.
  5. Self CareThis is a very special moment for your emotional and spiritual growthDo something that nourishes your body, mind and soul, you deserve all the best.


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And remember, the full moon effect goes for 5 days (2 days beforw, 2 days after and the day of) but it also influencies on the following 14 days until the next new moon. Set up your intention properly, live your truth and start your transformation. The moment is now!

Yours faithfully,




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