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Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. My am is to bring this ancient tradition to modern users, introducing as many people as I can to emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness that can be truly life-changing.

What are Essential Oils?

An essential oil is a natural product extracted from a single plant species. Not all plants produce essential oils, and in the plants that do, the essential oil may be found in the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, or fruits.

Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come. Any time you hold a bottle of 100% natural and pure powerful essential oils, you hold nature’s pure essence.

Using Essential Oils

You can access the power of essential oils many ways, but the most common practices include aromatic diffusion, topical application, household and and dietary consumption. These methods bring the pure essence of health-promoting botanicals to your home, family, and life.

Inspire a positive emotional state

coachingvidaLove the way the fragrance from a fresh orange peel brightens your day? Each essential oil’s complex, pleasant, and unique scent triggers emotions and memories, which can help in your search for a more fulfilling and balanced life. 

Enhance Your Physical Wellness



Incense and essential oils from plants have always played an important part in religious and spiritual ceremonies, helping participants transcend the trivial and connect with something larger than themselves. The pure constituents in essential oils stimulate olfactory receptors and activate regions in the brain’s limbic system associated with memory, emotion, and state of mind. 
Enjoy peace of mind in a chemical free home with essential oils. Make your own natural cleaning products, purify the air and clear the negative energies around you!

Refine Your Beauty Routineessential_oils_faq_2x

Purge unsafe ingredients from your personal care products and rediscover your natural glow. An ancient beauty secret, essential oils help promote a clear-looking complexion, soften the appearance of signs of aging, and nurture healthy-looking hair. Using naturally derived ingredients, these advanced skin and hair care solutions make it easy to enjoy the beautiful benefits of essential oils every day.

What is Aromatherapy? The classical approach to essential oils.

Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.  It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.

It was the French perfumer and chemist, Rene- Maurice Gattefosse, who coined the term “aromatherapie” in 1937 with his publication of a book by that name. His book “Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy” contains early clinical findings for utilizing essential oils for a range of physiological ailments. It seems vital to understand what Gattefosse’s intention for coining the word was, as he clearly meant to distinguish the medicinal application of essential oils from their perfumery applications.

So we can interpret his coining of the word “Aromatherapie” to mean the therapeutic application or the medicinal use of aromatic substances (essential oils) for holistic healing. As the practice of aromatherapy has progressed, over the years, it has adopted a more holistic approach encompassing the whole body, mind and spirit (energy).

Aromatherapy is… the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well being.”  Valerie Cooksley

Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul.”  Robert Tisserand

Aromatherapy can be defined as the controlled use of essential oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.”  Gabriel Mojay

Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.  It is an art and science which seeks to explore the physiological, psychological and spiritual realm of the individual’s response to aromatic extracts as well as to observe and enhance the individual’s innate healing process.  As a holistic practice, Aromatherapy is both a preventative approach as well as an active method to employ during acute and chronic stages of illness or ‘dis’-ease.

It is a natural, non-invasive modality designed to affect the whole person not just the symptom or disease and to assist the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself by the correct use of essential oils.” Jade Shutes


My personal Approach to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Essential Oils have changed my life.

I started with a MLM company, Young Living Essential Oils, but I never meant to develop a business with them.

Why? I just didn’t vibrate on that frequency. Therefore, I went into the most amazing journey of my life using their products. I am that kind of person who needs to go to the source of everything and get my own understanding before I can start any creative process. My research and self-study about essential oils and aromatherapy has been a master piece in a transitional moment of my life.

That journey hasn’t finished yet, I would say it has just started. Moving to Scotland is the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced in my life. That’s why I see it as the perfect opportunity to becom the best version of myself. My purpose is to spread a fresher and modern vision about life and true happiness beyond all doctrins, dogmas, philosophies and beliefs. We need to go back to simplicity, we need to go back to the essence, we need to find our own harmony and balance with nature through self-knowledge and connectivity. I’ve found esential oils to be the perfect vehicle to achieve this.

In the same way spirituality has become a circus, there is a big industry around essential oils and aromatherapy out there. Which essential oil company should you choose?  That’s a very personal decission. The topic “I want the best for me and my family” is just that, a topic. We all want the best, but the best is not always available for every one. So yes, I still use Young Living essential oils and think they are amazing for therapeutic and healing purposes. But I also use other essential oil suppliers that give me good value for money. Does it make sense for you?  Therefore, based on my own experience and research, I can just recommend Young Living Essential Oils with total confidence and complete trust. You’ll find my reasons here.

I am here to share all what I’ve learned in this journey, willing to inspire and serve others to find their own path to create a healthier, wealthier and happier life.

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This is my obligatory disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and they have not been evaluated by the FDA. My blog may contain some affiliate links to help support the continued education from this blog. Read the full disclosure/disclaimer here