About Me

Maribel Ariza

A lifetime of courage and devotion.

I  was born in Barcelona and I feel very grateful for having had a varied life full of travelling, living in different cities and meeting people of all kinds. My multicultural background helped me to develop an international career in Hospitality but the most exciting journey  has definitely been internal.

I have profound passion for balancing and blending the spiritual and physical worlds. My approach unites ancient wisdom with modern science to uplift our human experience to one of true resilience. With a lifetime of deep spiritual practice guiding my approach, I am devoted to the pursuit of merging the mystic and the grounded  women and empower them to lead their own sacred business revolution. I have created the Fragrant Yoga Community to facilitate a transformational process for the growth and expansion of luminary women in leadership.

  • 15 years as an entrepreneur
  • 10 years of teaching, training and coaching.
  • 5 startups
  • 4 years as Aromatherapist.

“Creation is there to serve you if you just be You”